About Us

Meet the Rajakumar Team

Hi there!  We are the Rajakumar Movement Team from all across the Asia Pacific Region.  Please come and say hello and get in touch when you come and visit our country.  We will gladly meet up to say hello.

Erfen Gustiawan Suwangto (Indonesia)

Co-Conventor or other office bearers
Ya Luan Hsiao (Chinese Taipei): Vice Chair
Emily Kirkpatrick (Australia): Vice Chair
Yang Hua (China): Vice Chair
Mel Acuevera (Philippine): Honorary Secretary
Loretta Chan (Hongkong): Treasurer
Daisuke Kato (Japan): Image Coordinator
Naoko Kobayashi (Japan): FM 360 Coordinator
Apriani Oendari (Indonesia): FM 360 Coordinator Assistant

Our Background

Launched in 2009, the Rajakumar Movement has expanded across the Asia Pacific Region.  We aim to include reps from all the WONCA member countries across our region and promote global health amongst our young doctors.

Our Story

More information coming soon.


Mr Rajakumar

The late Dr Rajakumar was a former Wonca World President and a respected leader of family medicine in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific Region.

According to Datuk Dr Daniel Thuraiapah, a lifelong friend and colleague of Rajakumar ‘the man who has devoted his entire life to the development and betterment of the general practitioner by promoting the discipline of family medicine through education … he continues to inspire us’